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The Bridge of Love :
Anna and Milo’s Wedding Story

The Office Romance

“We met at work,” Anna confesses. “Milo was the chef and I was hostessing at the same restaurant.” She laughs, “I actually asked him out because he’s pretty shy. I don’t think he would have ever done it!”

Once Anna and Milo began dating, things progressed fairly quickly. Anna recounts, “after three months of dating, we took a trip to Whistler. It was a special trip because there’s this little bridge in the Village where we said, ‘I love you’ for the first time.”

Bridging Memories

Five years later, Milo and Anna went back to Whistler to celebrate their 5-year anniversary. Anna explains, “after a nice dinner at Araxi, we were walking back to the hotel and we came upon the same bridge. All of a sudden, Milo stopped me and got down on one knee and proposed at the very same spot where we professed our love. It was pouring rain and there were people everywhere because it was Spring Break!”

Joy Inside the Tears

“Milo is not the gushy type,” Anna asserts, “so when he started saying all these mushy words, I started to laugh a little bit, and cry at the same time! It was a great moment and we went back to the hotel after to drink and celebrate!”

A Lifelong Plan

When I asked Anna when she started officially planning for her wedding, she laughed saying, “well, I’ve been thinking about this day my entire life! I knew I wanted an outdoor ceremony.” Anna continued, “we ended up choosing the UBC Boathouse because we could be outside and we liked the fact that we could party until 3 am! We didn’t want a hotel wedding as we both work at one.” Fair enough!

The Beauty of the UBC Boathouse

Anna and Milo wanted a farm-to-table vibe–something that was, as Anna explains, “kind of rustic yet elegant.” The Boathouse fit the bill for this aesthetic theme perfectly.

In terms of the food, Anna explained that “since Milo is a chef, and very food oriented, he was very involved in all aspects of the menu.” Unfortunately, because they were so busy with their guests, she laments, “we didn’t get a chance to try all the amazing hors-d’oeuvres. We didn’t even get a chance to try our dessert!”

Anna’s Bridal Advice

When asked about what advice she would give to other couples starting the wedding planning process, Anna strongly suggests that they start as early as they can. “I was a bit last minute and all of a sudden it was January and I hadn’t done anything! I would recommend that brides start planning and envisioning what they want right away and not let other people change or alter your vision.”

Be. Here. Now.

Anna also recommends that on your big day that you take the time to enjoy it. “So much is happening and all of a sudden it’s midnight! If I had the chance to go back and rewind, I would do it all over again! Just try to enjoy every moment!”

Spectacular Speeches and Fabulous Food

When I asked about the highlight of the wedding, Anna explained that she loved the speeches. “They were just so memorable. Just to hear people talk about you in that way doesn’t happen every day. The speeches from my Dad and my Maid of Honour really meant a lot to me. The food was obviously a huge success too!”





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