The sun is out, things are heating up and Vancouverites have put away their winter clothes eagerly exchanging them for shorts and T-shirts! Yup, summer has finally arrived! So, it makes perfect sense to talk about winter weddings! Trust me, while the latter statement may seem counterintuitive, itu2019s actually completely logical.

If youu2019re thinking of having a winter wedding, youu2019ll want to start planning now! These days, winter weddings are becoming increasingly popular as more and more folks in or adjacent to the wedding industry are providing some fabulous, creative and gorgeous winter wedding options! As a result, tying the knot is not just a summer thing anymore!

Of course, there are some benefits to getting married in the winter as well. For example, in general, wedding venues are less expensive, so your money can go further, which, for some couples, could mean more of a budget for flowers or catering!

So, if a winter wedding is your jam, here are a few emerging trends to consider!

When it comes to winter nuptials, there are a few words that come to mind: cozy and elegant are two of them! I donu2019t know about you, but some of my best memories are of coming indoors from the chilly cold to a lovely hot cup of cocoa! Hot chocolate is definitely one of the most cherished Canadian traditions!

To evoke those atavistic memories for your guests, why not create a Hot Chocolate Bar, but with a modern and elegant twist. One of the hottest (pun intended) trends for winter weddings is to create a bespoke hot chocolate station that serves specialty cups! Think chocolate chips, syrups, marshmallows of different shapes (and colours to match your wedding theme), cinnamon sticks, candy canes and other confectionery for the delectation of your wedding guests! What a delightful way to welcome your loved ones!u00a0

Now, if a hot chocolate bar seems a bit too saccharine, how about a specialty coffee station! Think Montecristo’s, London Fogs, Irish coffee (with plenty of u201cIrishu201d in it!).

Drippingly Good!

Another new trend for winter weddings is the Drip Cakes! For those not in the loop, these are cakes topped off with drizzles of icing, which creates a look that is at once elegant and whimsical! If youu2019re interested, be sure to ask your cake-maker about Drip Cake ideas!

Wonderful Winter Feasts

One of the most fabulous aspects of a winter wedding, from a catering perspective, is the option for incredibly satiating comfort food! Think warm grilled seasonal veggies and succulent traditional proteins such as filet mignon or roast chicken! And donu2019t be mistaken, comfort food does not have to mean informal or boring! Fresh, seasonal, locally-sourced and organic–a winter menu done right will surely excite the palate!

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