Veni, Vidi, Venue! Savoury City’s Donna Wadsworth talks about Vancouver’s New Ex-citing Event Space: The Ellis Building!

Everyone knows that in real estate the mantra is “location, location, location!” However, it’s not the only industry where that holds true. Ask any bride-to-be if location matters for her wedding and you’ll most assuredly get a resounding “yes!” Savoury City’s Donna Wadsworth would also confirm this. Being in the custom catering world for many years, she knows the importance of finding the perfect venue–one that fits the event and her clients. As a result, she’s always on the lookout for new, unique and interesting spaces. Her latest find? The Ellis Building.



A Little Background:

According to the Ellis Building’s website, the Ellis Building predates “the Ivanhoe” and was “originally…a rooming house for railroad workers” until “it transitioned to selling furs in the 20s. The next life it lived was a decade as a furniture store before spending the last 60 or so years doing custom metal work for everyone that calls Strathcona home.”


How did you come across the Ellis Building?

We did a wedding industry meet up with other caterers and wedding planners–a chance for those in the industry to come out and play after the wedding season. Filosophi and Alicia Keats (Alicia Keats Weddings and Events) collaborated on this and put it all together and we said we’d love to be involved. Epic Events, Culinary Capers, Cocktails and Canapes and Tacofino were all there too for a night of fun at the Ellis! The building is literally down the street from us and when we saw it we just went “wow!” It’s such a cool space!


How would you describe the building?

It’s this great urban-industrial space! I’m talking high ceilings and old warehouse windows. It has the Toronto feel to it. It’s been used as an artist’s warehouse and they realized that they’ve got this incredible venue and have opened it up as a venue for things like weddings, private parties, product launches, and film shoots. It’s got that fabulous old industrial feel that can be made really funky and cool. It’s a very big building with multiple levels and even has an outdoor area out back. Lots of possibilities!


Who is this venue for?

In terms of a wedding venue, I think it’s for that special couple that want something unique. It’s amazing what you can do with a rough-around-the-edges space! Design-wise, it transforms so perfectly into a casually elegant space. People love the exposed beams and the unique character of the building–it’s not boring! So, yes, I’d say it’s for those who want something less contrived or generic, and instead, want a space that is a bit whimsical, fun and casual–this is not for the buttoned-up type. The artsy, east-side energy really flows throughout the space. It’s in a great location too–central and with lots of access to street parking! We’re really excited about future events at the Ellis!

If you’re interested in booking The Ellis Building for your next event, click on the link for more details!

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