Spreading a Little Love with Donna Wadsworth!

In business, as in life, the key to lasting success is surrounding yourself with the very best people. Donna Wadsworth, owner of Savoury City, understand this concept, which is why she chooses very carefully with whom she collaborates. One such person is Ashley Bond of Spread Love Events. I had the chance to sit down with Donna and find out more about her special bond (pun intended) with Ashley!


Can you tell me a little about Ashley and Spread Love Events?

I would call Ashley an event designer—kind of a visionary. She really gets people’s vision and brings everything together with the decor, the food and the feel of the day. She pulls it all together! She’s not the person who’s always at the hotel—she’s in private homes in Deep Cove, for example. She’s got an effortless style achieved with a lot of behind the scenes prep! It looks effortless but there are so many details that go into creating that illusion. She creates a seamless look that I call her “breezy California style.” She loves linens and beautiful cutlery and glassware, but she loves the way an event flows and what really matters to the couple or client.


What type of events have you worked on together?

We did a beautiful wedding in Deep Cove not too long ago. The guests arrived on lovely private boats, walked along rugs lain out on the docks and were met with breezy sipper. Very Nantucket style–fresh, breezy and light. With Ashley, it’s never the decor and style are never forced or contrived. She keeps it fresh and devoid of clichés. She reads the environment and the personality of her clients and can pull it all together in a gorgeous lyrical way.


Barn Buddies

We also did this amazing wedding at Roddicks Barn for an awesome couple! They rode in on a hay bale truck! What sets Spread Love apart from so many other event planning companies is Ashley’s attention to the small details. For example, all the linens were pressed, the barn got mopped out twice. The pre-production that goes into the events is huge.


Wedding Wonders

Another event that comes to mind is a wedding we did at The Pipe Shop. Her design was so sleek and beautiful! Minimal modern glassware, lucite chairs, cutlery and menu cards placed just so. The couple wanted a really comfortable family-style dinner with brisket and latkes–the whole thing just worked so well together!


What is the best part of working with Ashley?

I love that she considers the food. How many dishes will be on the table? How much room do we need? How much space do the servers need? How will we get the cocktails in people’s hands quickly? We have multiple things happening and people are going from one venue to the next–transitions are taking place. Ashley thinks about these things. If we are at a huge estate, for example, we may be 300 steps from the guests, so how we choreograph the event matters. Ashley and I are able to communicate and collaborate extremely well, which makes her a joy to work with every time! She’s a gem!


Spread Love Events

If you are interested in having Spread Love Events design your next event, click on the link to check out their website!

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