Savoury City: Vancouver’s Favourite Custom Catering Company!

Recently, Savoury City was voted the #1 Best Catering Service in Vancouver in the Georgia Straight! And Donna Wadsworth, Head Honcho of the custom catering operation, is one major reason behind their success! Her decades of experience in the world of fine cuisine and her abounding passion for the ethereal connection between food and social connection is what keeps Savoury City on the tip of Vancouver’s collective tongue! Indeed, for Donna, custom catering is so much more than just about preparing food–it’s about creating a gastronomic experience for her clients that will leave an indelible mark on their minds for years, nay decades, to come.


A Part of Your Most Memorable Moments

Donna and her incredibly talented team are keenly aware that they are a part of their client’s most profound life moments. Be it a wedding, a baby shower, or a retirement party, they understand that food plays a huge role in the success of the day! And this fact plays an integral role in why Vancouverites go with Savoury City again and again–quite simply, they trust Donna with the most profound days in their lives–something Donna is consistently honoured to be a part of. Just ask her staff! Even after catering countless weddings, she still gets teary-eyed when the bride and groom walk down the aisle. For Donna, it’s quite literally a labour of love–and you need that kind of love for what you do to be #1.


The Chef

Now, Donna will be the first person to tell you that her success is largely due to her team. Over the years, she’s established a crème de la crème staff who are aligned with her vision and philosophy. When it comes to food, it’s all about fresh, organic, locally sourced, but above all, it has to be flavourful! Her Executive Chef, Mathew Koyanagi (her secret culinary weapon), always balances the current with the classic and the cutting edge with the traditional. It’s a fine line between jumping on every fad and carefully curating the new with the age-old, but Mathew walks that tight rope with perfection every time! Over the years, he’s done it all, from outdoor pig roasts to the most formal dining experiences! When talking to Mathew, what one notices right away is how he lights up when talking about food! Donna and Mathew are constantly in the kitchen dreaming up new ideas and approaches to the custom catering world–it’s this creative spirit that keeps them reaching and stretching.


It Takes a Village

Of course, Savoury’s success is also due to its very talented staff. In many ways, it takes a village to accomplish the gastronomic feats that they pull off on the regular. From logistics to table setting to serving, the staff at Savoury City are second to none. The words that resonate the most with clients when it comes to the team are “professional,” “attentive,” “accommodating” and “friendly.”


What Are You Waiting For!

So, if you haven’t tried Vancouver’s #1 custom catering company yet, the only question we have is “what’s keeping you!?” Donna and her team would love to hear from you and help make your next event come to life!

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