Savoury City Turns Sweet for the Holiday Season

Custom Holiday Desserts Created Just for You

Savoury Turns Sweet

It’s no secret that our Head Honcho, Donna Wordsworth, and her team’s favorite time of the year is the holiday catering season. Indeed, at this time of the year, visions of sugar plums literally dance through their heads! They simply love being able to help make this time of the year as special for your family, friends and coworkers as possible!

Mouth-Watering Christmas Miracles

Indeed, our bakers are bustling around our kitchen creating their mouth-watering magic. With attention to tradition and time-honored baking techniques, Christmas classics, such as Pinolate Cookies, gingerbread, and a whole host of bite-sized goodies are being lovingly prepared for your friends and family! Check out what our team is busy baking for you this holiday season!

Butter Pecan Tarts

These sumptuous butter pecan tarts are synonymous with the winter holidays! Perfect for those cold snowy evenings, these treats will warm your tummy and your heart. Our tarts are made with a gorgeous flaky crust and a lovely sweet buttery caramel filling! These individual tarts will enhance any occasion and will add a touch of elegance to your event! Also, your guests will love you!


I don’t know about you, but to me, Christmas just isn’t Christmas unless there is a copious amount of shortbread on hand. Our Savoury City team takes their shortbread very seriously. It must be buttery, smooth, and melt-in-your-mouth perfection! Never dry or crumbly, our shortbread cookies will leave an indelible mark on your guest’s taste buds! Don’t tell her, but our shortbread cookies are even better than Grandmas!



Just the word truffles is thrilling to the ear! Is there anything better than this confection? Our truffles are made in-house with the best quality ingredients. No store-bought mass-produced stuff here! These treats are more of an experience than a dessert! Give your family, friends and coworkers the gift of pure bliss with these sweet bite-sized Christmas miracles!


Cookies and Truffles and Tarts, Oh My!

There is, perhaps, no other time of the year that dessert plays a more central role than during the holiday season. Indeed chocolate, cookies, pies, and a plethora of other baked goodies abound during the yuletide season. We at Savoury City love getting into the spirit of the holidays by creating some mouth-watering sweets of our own!


Contact Us!

We’ve got plenty more desserts in store for you and your sweet tooth! So, if you’re thinking about having your holiday party catered, contact us to find out more! We’d love to talk to you and hear about what your vision is for your perfect holiday event! We’ve got a wide range of choices to suit

Time left before Christmas

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