Reflecting on the Past. Moving into the Future Savoury City in 2020

They say that hindsight is 2020. With that in mind, Savoury City is walking into 2020 with an appreciation of the past but a clear vision of the year ahead. Indeed, 2019 was a great year, but they’re very excited about the incredible plans they have for this new year and the decade ahead! In custom catering, as in any business, it’s important to keep one’s ear to the ground and listen carefully to one’s clients and staff and make positive and meaningful changes. So, to start, here are a few things they’re working on!


A Change is Gonna Come

According to Savoury City’s Head Honcho, Donna Wordsworth, many people are looking for great vegan and vegetarian options. She explains, “people are just choosing to eat more vegetarian and vegan based meals. People are opting for less meat and less animal-based protein largely as a result of a growing concern for the environment, which, of course, we fully support.” Indeed, Donna has worked for decades in the custom catering world, where terms like “farm-to-table” and “locally sourced” have been bandied around for years–terms that hold deep meaning to her and, subsequently, have given her a unique perspective concerning the complex relationship between food and the environment. Donna further contends that “we want to start to design new menus that have fabulous gluten-free options and feature more great salads!”

Connect to Corporate

“One of the aspects of custom catering that my staff and I have really grown to love is corporate catering,” Donna explains. “Of course we love weddings, but we love being able to provide offices with exciting and healthy options. Our focus for 2020 will be to increase our vegan and vegetarian options while maintaining flavour, quality, and variety. Of course, we’re going to keep the farm-to-table philosophy and our freshly baked breads, but the emphasis will be on healthy and meat alternatives.”

Going Greener

A big part of the push towards more vegan and vegetarian menu options stems from people’s growing desire to be healthier, but also from an increasing concern for the environment. A new collective sensitivity has been emerging and it’s found its way onto people’s dining room tables. Savoury City understands this reality and, moving forward, is making further changes to play a greater role in the Green Movement.

Donna explains, “people are really thinking about the environment, and so are we. We are currently doing more research on how to be greener. Of course, we are all about ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ and we are members of Green Table and have done training, but we are always striving to find new, innovative ways to be even greener.”


New Year. New Directions

Clearly, Savoury City is revved to go in 2020, with a focus on exciting new menu options and a renewed vigour and energy for honouring the traditional while remaining current and cutting edge. It’s this balance that keeps Savoury City at the top of the custom catering world–the ability to look back and reflect while at the same time looking to the future is paramount. Donna’s enduring passion for food and its ability to spread joy makes it all work!

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