Keeping Our Finger on the Culinary Pulse Wedding Trends for 2020

2020 wedding trends

One of the things that Savoury City knows about weddings is that the food is one of (if not the most) important aspects of any great wedding. Let’s face it, on the drive home from a wedding most of us comment on two things: the bride’s wedding dress and the food! Those are truly the most indelible aspects of most weddings–the parts that we simply don’t forget. Indeed, I’ve been a guest at a plethora of weddings in my life (and the MC at about 8) and, to be honest, I can’t really remember too much about most of them except for those two wedding imperatives. I don’t remember Uncle Jim’s Scotch-tinged, borderline inappropriate speech, but I do remember the amazing Duck Crepes with spice duck breast, hoisin, enoki mushrooms and orange tied with a leek! And I don’t remember what the first song of the evening was, but I certainly remember the out-of-this-world Ancho Chicken Tostadas made with free-run chicken breast, avocado mousse, roast pepper relish and fresh cilantro! The truth is, if the food is outstanding, guests will readily accept a multitude of wedding party sins and omissions–in short, to borrow from former Bill Clinton advisor James Carville, “It’s the food, Stupid!” If you get this one right, the rest will generally fall into place. With this in mind, we thought it would be apropos to take a sneak peek at 2020’s summer wedding culinary trends.


Food as An Expression

What is clear in 2020 is that food is more important than ever before! Couples are becoming increasingly interested in not only feeding their guests but telling their own unique story and expressing their personalities through the food they serve at their wedding.

Groaning Tables

The only time groaning is acceptable at a wedding is if it’s a groaning table! According, “the ‘groan’ in ‘groaning table’ (which dates back to the 17th century) refers, as you guessed, to the creaking and groaning noises produced by the wood of the table under stress by the weight of the food.” Savoury City has perfected this popular culinary trend over the last few years, and it’s always a huge hit with guests. One of the great aspects of a groaning table is that it let’s guests graze and nosh at their leisure and convenience instead of having to wait for someone to pass by with a silver platter. The groaning table also provides a social hub where people can chat and mingle comfortably as they peruse the plethora of culinary delights! This option is fun, whimsical, practical and pragmatic all in one! 



Build That Wall (of doughnuts)!

With the influx of gourmet custom made doughnuts in the city, the wedding wall of these ringed pastries is fast becoming a top wedding trend for a few reasons: they are seriously yummy, and perhaps even more importantly, they are highly Instagram-friendly! Let’s face it, today the wedding food can’t just taste delicious, it has to be social-media friendly! Yes, even the food has to be photogenic these days. This simple, yet effective trend will put a smile on your guests’ faces and garner many “likes” in the process!

Late Night Snacks

This has been an emerging trend for a few years now, but it’s fast becoming a wedding mainstay! These days expectations are higher for the late-night snack and people are getting more and more creative with it to the delight of those wedding guests who want to dance the night away! The trend is toward more casual yet high-quality fair like freshly baked cookies and milk (or almond milk), mini tacos and grilled cheese ‘sammies’ made with high-quality cheeses. Everyone loves the late-night snack, and weddings are a chance to do it in style!


Know the Trends; Stay True to You

There are many more culinary trends emerging in 2020, so we’ll keep you posted in the next few blogs! Remember, the main thing is to have fun with your culinary choices and to make sure that they reflect your personality, lifestyle and diet. While it’s always fun to see what the trends are, stay true to yourself and what you love, and you can’t go wrong!


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