Breakfast of Corporate Champions!

We know it’s a cliché, but there are often truths behind those worn-out mantras that our mothers told us over and over again growing up. One of those truths is that breakfast is certainly the most important meal of the day. Yes, it’s true. And if you’re reading this whilst surreptitiously scarfing down a donut, chased by a coffee, you may want to read more closely! Don’t get us wrong. We’re not trying to “breakfast-shame” anyone, but we do want you to start your day in the best, most healthy way possible! This is why we’ve perfected our Custom Corporate Breakfast Catering menu!


The Breakfast Your Mother Would Approve Of

Yes, it’s now possible for you to provide your coworkers and staff with the breakfast that they deserve! No more store-bought muffins and questionable coffee! We offer the kind of breakfast that your mother would approve of!

“Eggsellent” Frittatas!

While Truman Capote, famously suggested that revenge is best served cold, we think that breakfast is best served hot! Indeed, your staff will love the warm goodness of our homemade frittatas! Made with the farm-fresh, free-range eggs, and organic ingredients, this breakfast meal is a huge hit with our corporate clients! Our health-conscious clients love the fact that they can enjoy a fabulous and satisfying breakfast without having to load up on those dreaded carbs and sugars! This is the perfect dish for the paleo people in your office! Check out the custom options!


Herb Lover

An abundance of the season’s freshest herbs, and assorted cheeses


Smoked ham, smoked cheddar, smoked chipotle peppers and smoked tomatoes


Oven-roasted tomatoes, Yukon gold potatoes, yellow peppers and aged cheddar

Mini Frittatas & Quiches (room temp)

A bite size version of the above selections *minimum order 1 dozen per flavour

That’s a Wrap!

Our wraps are legendary! Made fresh in-house with the very best organic and locally sourced ingredients, these are little breakfast miracles! Healthy, hot and yet incredibly flavourful! These will satiate everyone, whether they are vegetarian or meat-loving folks! No need to settle for boring, store-bought fare when you can start your staff meeting with these incredible custom wrap choices! Check out the options!


Vegetarian Breakfast Wrap (hot)

Scrambled free-range eggs, roasted fresh vegetables, herbs and farmhouse cheddar stacked in a sesame bagel…individually wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla

Canadian Breakfast Wrap (hot)

Scrambled free-range eggs, oven-roasted potatoes, Gelderman smoked ham and farmhouse cheddar… individually wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla

Mexican Breakfast Wrap (hot)

Scrambled free-range eggs, oven-roasted potatoes, spicy chorizo, salsa and smoked cheddar… individually wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla

Healthy Breakfast Options

If you’re looking for something in the “low cholesterol” category, we offer individual yogurt parfaits with fruit compote and house-made granola that are extremely popular. We also have “wheat-free” “dairy-free” granola bars that are healthy, delicious and easy to eat on the run.


Order Your Next Corporate Breakfast with Savoury City

We’d love to help you bring healthy quality breakfast to your workplace! Contact us! We’d love to hear from you!

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