Allycia and Cyrus’ Italian-Inspired Rustic Barn Wedding


Computer Love

Twelve years ago, just before the ubiquity of online dating apps, the internet brought Allycia and Cyrus together. “We met way back in the Myspace days,” jokes Cyrus. “Then after meeting randomly here and there, it slowly developed into a serious relationship.”


Amore in Amalfi

Fast forward to Italy, 2016. There are few places in the world more romantic than Italy, and fewer still as romantic as the Amalfi Coast. It’s no wonder then that this is where Cyrus proposed to Allycia. This is the effect of living la dolce vita! And while the Italian coast inspired love, it also influenced Allycia and Cyrus’s wedding menu! “The three weeks we spent there, we became very inspired by the food,” explains Cyrus. “That rustic Italian theme ultimately went really well with our wedding, and the family-style dining. We had a lot of Italian influences at our wedding, even though we don’t have a drop of Italian blood!”


Menu Machinations

When it came time to start looking for wedding venues, one of the barriers that Allycia and Cyrus came up against was menu choice. Allycia explains, “many of the venues we looked at had their own menus that you had to choose from, which we found limiting.


Mother Knows Best 

Allycia and Cyrus didn’t have a clear idea for a venue until Cyrus’s mom just happened to find an online article about barn weddings in Ladner. The article happened to have some very positive testimonials regarding Savoury City’s catering. “Based on the article, we called Donna and got a quote. In the end, we felt confident about going with Donna, as we have many friends in the event planning industry, and they all highly recommended her,” explains Allycia.


There’s No Place Like Home:

It just so happened that Cyrus’ family owns a gorgeous farm in Ladner, with a picturesque barn! How convenient! “The more we thought about it the more it made sense,” recalls Allycia. “There was great freedom in choosing our own caterer and designing the wedding the way we envisioned–from top to bottom.” Indeed, it’s one of the perks of owning your own farm!


Bridal Advice

When you tell people you’re getting married, it seems everyone has wedding advice: your barista, your nail technician, the person sitting next to you on the Skytrain. Basically, all the industry experts. Truth is, the most wedding-wise advice comes from recent brides!


Nothing to Sneeze At!

Allycia and Cyrus were no exception and had some cogent counsel for any couple planning their big day. “One of the things we didn’t take into account,” admitted Cyrus, “was people with allergies. Because it was a farm wedding, some people’s allergies started to act up and we didn’t have any allergy medication for them. In hindsight, we should have had allergy medication on hand.”


Plan for the Unexpected

Allycia added that it’s a good idea to have a “plan B” in case of rain. Especially if you’re having a rural or barn wedding, it’s best to make sure you have tents set up just in case skies open up! Indeed, anyone living on the West Coast knows it can rain at any time!


Partake in the Parmesan!

Cyrus and Allycia also pointed out that they didn’t have too much time to enjoy the dinner that they so carefully planned with Savoury City, as they kept getting distracted. Cyrus laments, “I still think about the plate of Chicken Parmesan that I never got to eat because I was drawn away to take pictures with guests. I had planned to eat that chicken for months!” The takeaway here is to to take some time to enjoy the food before someone takes it away! Your guests can wait a few minutes while you enjoy your meal!


In Vino Veritas!

When asked about the highlight of their wedding, Cyrus and Allycia both agreed that it was the moment right after the ceremony when all the nerves settled. Allycia recalled, “we walked around to the back of the house and the caterers handed us drinks right away! They were amazing!” We’ll drink to that!

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