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The Vegetarian Renaissance

In response to what he thought about vegetarianism, the iconic playwright, George Bernard Shaw, once claimed, “the thought of two thousand people crunching celery at the same time horrified me.” The image is, indeed, disconcerting! However, the reality is that perceptions and misconceptions about what it means to be a vegetarian have changed radically over the last decade. The Veggie Dark Ages are over! Vegetarians are no longer relegated to the fringe– those bohemian, post-hippy, Tim Leary acolytes who keep a copy of “The Prophet” in the back pocket of their bell-bottoms and listen religiously to the Grateful Dead, or wax poetic about Ani DiFranco lyrics.

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Still Crazy After All These Years

Tears of Joy
We may be veterans in the custom catering biz; we may have catered hundreds of weddings over the years; we may have held countless wedding tastings, but the truth is it never gets old! Just look over at our Head Honcho, Donna Wadsworth, during the vows if you don’t believe us! You’ll see her eyes getting misty every time!

Magic and Romance
One of the reasons why we love what we do is because we’re endlessly inspired by love in all its forms. Even to this day, we still get caught up in the magic, the romance, the theatrical element — the spectacle! To be able to contribute to this magic, to help, in our own unique way, to the most important day in your life is beyond amazing–it’s is one of the highest honours! To be honest, the day we stop crying at weddings will be the day we pack it in!

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The 40th Birthday Theme Party

We at Savoury City love a good party. The more creative the better! We were thinking recently about our love of a good theme party and how it’s a great way to break free from the expected, the norm and (God-forbid), the mundane! There is, perhaps, no better reason or opportunity (not that you really need one) to host a great theme party than for a milestone birthday! An increasingly popular theme these days is the 1990’s–those salad days of Bill Clinton, neon everything, and, unfortunately, the Macarena.

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Groaning towards 50

We know that the title of this blog may be misleading. While some of us may be dreading the big 5-0, most of us embrace the milestone. I mean, let’s face it, these days 50 is the new 30! You’re far from cruise wear and taking up lawn bowling! So why are we “groaning?” Let us clarify!

Back to the Future
We had a recent client who wanted to celebrate his 50th birthday with a fabulous cocktail party complete with a lavish “Groaning Board.” Still confused? Let us elaborate:

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Catering the Big Game!

We’ve been watching the Winter Olympics with our friends over the last few days, and it got us to thinking about the evolution of hosting sporting event home parties. From the Super Bowl to the Stanley Cup, we’ve come a long way from the faux-wood paneling in the basement “rumpus room,” trading up for sleek, modern and high-tech home-theaters!

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Catering to Your Teen!

Millenials Changing the Food Game
When I was a teen, I used to buy three chocolate bars for a dollar at the local 7-eleven on my way home every day (and I wondered why the acne?!). Now teens are making smarter choices and cutting out processed, high-fructose snacks. Those millennials are changing the food game and we’re following their lead!

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This is 70

Celebrate with style! By 70 you’ve lived a life! You’ve had a career, raised your kids, survived at least 1 marriage and gained a lot of wisdom and experience along the way! You’ve earned the right to celebrate your big day in style! And, let’s face it, at 40, you’ve barely just begun!

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100 Reasons to Celebrate!

A few years ago, many of my Asian friends started inviting me to Red Egg and Ginger Parties, alternatively called 100 Day Celebrations. To be honest, I had no idea what that meant or what they were all about. When I asked my friend, Connie, who invited me to hers, she explained that, tra-ditionally, the reason that they held the ceremony was to celebrate the survival of babies, as mortality rates were very high.

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Baby’s First Birthday!

Your first day of school. Your first kiss. Your first car. There are only a finite number of firsts in one’s life–which is precisely what makes them so monumental. Therefore, it would be an under-statement to claim that a baby’s first birthday is a special occasion for all parents. It goes without saying that honouring the special day with a party would be of the highest order!

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A Venue for All Seasons

You’ve got a major event to plan and the big question is invariably where in the city to hold it. There are so many different venues, each with their own unique vibe, atmosphere, ambiance and, yes, challenges.

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