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Romance for Romance’s Sake The Valentine’s Day-Themed Wedding

It’s no secret that our Head Honcho, Donna Wadsworth, loves Love! It’s probably one of the main reasons why her custom-catered weddings are the stuff of legend in Vancouver. I think it’s fair to say that you can’t really be a great wedding caterer if you don’t have an abiding passion for Love in all its forms and iterations. With that in mind, we thought it would be ap-ropos to talk about the Valentines-themed Wedding! For those who are fans of the most romantic day of the year and want to infuse that spirit in-to your big day, this is a must read! Having a Valentine’s Day wedding doesn’t necessarily mean tying the knot on February 14th. It’s more about bringing the V-day vibes to your wedding aesthetic—it’s about evoking the romance and excitement that lovers of Love, well, love.

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Savoury City Super Bowl Party Putting the “super” into your Super Bowl Party

Whether you’re a die-hard football fan or don’t know where the fifty-yard line is, the Super Bowl is a great excuse for friends and family to get together in the name of this grand sporting tradition. Just like team sports bring people together on the field, they’re also an opportunity for fans to gather together in the living room or home movie theatre and bond over a common love for the game.

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The Singles Valentine’s Day Dinner Party! Redefining the Holiday

As Valentine’s Day is nearing, some people are looking forward to celebrating the day with their special someone, while others, (namely those of us whose Facebook status remains “single”), often attempt to downplay the day. When asked the question (usually by that annoying perennially perky coworker, “what are your plans for Valentine’s Day?” I’ve been known to respond with an overly cynical polemic, expounding upon the nefarious commercialization of the holiday, and how I don’t celebrate Hallmark holidays that pressure people to buy their bae’s expensive gifts…

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Carrie and Augustine: A Wedding Story

“We didn’t meet until we were ready,” Carrie answers when asked how she and Augustine met. Like so many great couples, when it comes to marriage, you just know when the right one comes your way. To steal a line from the classic rom-com When Harry Met Sally, you know when you’ve found the right one “the way you know about a good melon.”

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A Year to Remember!

It’s hard to believe that another year is about to come to an end! It’s somewhat of an understatement to say that 2018 was a busy year for us, but we wouldn’t want it any other way! We thrive off of the hustle and bustle, something that is a reality when you strive to be the best custom caterers in the city! And while it may be somewhat of a cliché to say, when you love what you do, when it’s a labour of love, time really does fly by!

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Ring in The New Year with Savoury City!

Whether you’re all about tripping the light fantastic until the wee hours of the morning or staying home and watching the iconic ball drop in Times Square, one of the best ways to ring in the New Year is with close friends and family and, of course, fabulous food! Before you engage in any of the following New Year’s Eve activities, having a custom catered NYE party can be the perfect way to celebrate the end of the year and kick off the new one in style!

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Healthy, Organic and Fresh Breakfast of Corporate Champions

If you’ve been tasked with ordering your offices’ next breakfast seminar/meeting, we’ve got you! When you order with Savoury City, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your staff will be served the best quality breakfast possible! Organic, locally-sourced and seasonal produce and a wide variety of dietary options mean that even the most hard-to-order-for staff member will be pleased. Whether you require vegan, vegetarian, Keto, or almost any combination, we can do it!

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Savoury City’s Timeless Culinary Creations

Quality Never Goes Out of Style These days it seems that words such as “organic,” “locally-sourced,” and “handmade” areused ubiquitously by any number of businesses, ranging from Michelin star establishments to fast food restaurants. The result is that these terms

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So, You’ve Decided to Hire a Caterer…

If you’re anything like us, your weekly schedule is packed! Living in the city means daily hustle and bustle and a somewhat topsy-turvy existence. Often exhilarating, sometimes exhausting, never dull! While it all may seem somewhat hectic, we still love to celebrate our friends and family and the important and momentous moments in our lives. This is why hiring a caterer is often the best solution to the “a want to entertain, but who has the time?!” question. We totally get it! Who has time after a long and arduous work week to prepare for an event! However, before you go searching for a caterer, we thought we’d offer some advice that may help you on your search for the perfect caterer for your needs.

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