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The Bountiful Buddha Bowl

At Savoury City, You Get to be the Chef! So whether your staff is Paleo, Lacto, Vegetarian, Vegan, or some combination of these, the Buddha Bowl option has you covered! With the Buddha Bowl, your staff gets to be the chefs and Vancouver Caterer Savoury City provides the best, most delectable ingredients for them to put together their own culinary creations! Vancouver is our city and food is our passion.

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Grazing Greatness

Our Grazing Stations are perfect for those events where a plated sit down affair seems too formal. Grazing Stations definitely engender a more social experience and encourage mingling, something that a more structured set up may not allow for as organically.

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The Breakfast Club: The Ultimate Catered Breakfast

We know that early morning meetings can be a bit of a slog. They can be hard to get excited about, to say the least. The staff walking, zombie-like, into the office, is a scene that can often be mistaken for an episode of The Walking Dead!

But have no fear, we have the magic elixir that can bring your staff back from the dead and ready to face the day with passion and energy! It’s a little thing we like to call “the most important meal of the day”–Breakfast!

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Savoury City Platters to the Rescue!

Be an Office Hero –

Not all heroes wear capes. Some just order the best party platters in the city! Our custom platters will save any office meeting from the dreaded lunch break ennui, and turn it into a fun and festive event! Your boss and colleagues will thank you for rescuing them from lunchtime evil and for taking the “bored” out of the boardroom.

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Intimate Catered Events: Turning Your House Into a Home

Savoury City to the Rescue!

That’s where we come in to save the day! Let us create an unforgettable culinary experience, customized for you and your friends, in the comfort of your own home! We’ll create a bespoke menu in consultation with you that works with your flavour palate, diet and those of your guests. Why spend days stressing and preparing when you can get us to do it all for you! And the best part? NO DISHES TO WASH!

I mean, is there anything worse than looking at the pile of dirty dishes and pots and pans after your guests have left?!

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A Vineyard Wedding

Vineyards and weddings seem to complement each other like Ernie and Bert, Sonny and Cher, Kim and Kanye, Rum and Coke, and, of course, wine and cheese. There are the obvious reasons, of course: the fairy tale scenery, the natural wild-beauty surrounding manicured rows of grapevines and the overall romantically vernal mise-en-scene. However, there is something deeper, more metaphorical, perhaps, as to why vineyard weddings seem to resonate.

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Barn Weddings 101

As catering veterans, we’ve done our fair share of barn weddings. They’re lovely, gorgeous and magical, and we eagerly embrace the challenge that each new location presents. We take pride in the fact that we can set up a kitchen anywhere! We know how to ensure that your canapés and dishes are perfectly cooked and prepared, whether you desire an informal BBQ, buffet style meal or elegant sit-down affair. Experience, the best Executive Chef and kitchen staff in the biz, culinary know-how, organization, and timing are the reasons why when you hire us for your barn wedding, you can relax knowing it’s going to be done right.

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Gourmet Bistro in a Box!

It’s an unfortunate fact that many of us grew up with less than stellar lunchtime experiences. Some of us were not blessed with moms or dads who would pack the perfect meal, forcing us to warily open our Pandora’s-lunch-boxes, never knowing what unfortunate culinary crime we’d witness: soggy tuna sandwiches on Wonder Bread, expired granola bars, dried out carrot sticks…the horror!

Oh, you’d try to trade your lunch with the unsuspecting kid next to you, doing your best to sell your sad lunch with the acumen of a used car salesman, hoping they’d be gullible enough to believe that your stale Oreos were actually Italy’s finest biscotti. No dice.

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Matrimonial Manners: An Etiquette Guide for Novice Wedding Guests

It only takes one guest to ruin a bride’s perfect vision of her wedding. For anyone who is a wedding guest veteran, you know exactly who I’m talking about. That one guest who decides cargo shorts are the best choice for the day, texts during the vows, and single handedly depletes the best canapes! In our family, he’s called “Uncle Carl.”

Don’t be a Wedding Party Pariah

If you’re a wedding guest novice and don’t want to be defriended, disowned, or disinherited, the following etiquette guide just may save you, or someone you know, from becoming a wedding guest pariah.

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