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The Pleasures of Plated

So you’ve just binge-watched the latest season of “The Crown” and now you absolutely need your next event to be a plated affair! A Buffet-style dinner just won’t cut it anymore! I mean, would Princess Margaret have to stand up and wait in line to get her food! God Forbid!

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Vegan Catering in Vancouver by Savoury City

These days just having the family over for dinner can be a logistical quandary. It seems that everyone has very different dietary specifications, which very seldom seem to overlap! My sister is a vegetarian, but still eats chicken; my mother is on the “no carb” diet, and is currently swearing off bread and pasta; my father is essentially paleo and thinks that salad is not a meal but more of a promissory note that meat of some kind (any kind) will soon arrive; and my brother-in-law will eat anything you put in front of him!

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Going Where No Caterer Has Gone Before

As many of you already know, Savoury City Head Honcho, Donna Wadsworth, has been in the catering biz for a very long time! Her Executive Chef, Mathew Koyanagi, has also prepared, cooked and baked meals in some very diverse places! In truth, between the two of them, they can cater virtually any venue! From back alley to black tie, rustic to regal, they’ve got you covered.

Masters of Their Craft
This type of catering mastery can only come from years of experience and a lifetime of global culinary experiences. Spend some time with Donna, and you’ll see how true this is! She casually recounts a time spent in Darjeeling:

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Wonderful Weddings: A Fond Look Back!

As veterans in the business, we’ve catered more weddings than we can remember! Well, that’s not entirely true. We do remember each and every wedding we cater. We remember because, throughout the process, we get to know the bride and groom and their families, and for that spot of time, we feel like a part of your family. And just like your loved ones, it’s our ardent desire that the most important day in your life be perfect!

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Savoury is Sweet!

Whether plated, buffet or family-style, Savoury City is famous for its creative, mouth-watering, and gorgeous cuisine. And while we know that the word Savoury figures prominently in your name, we don’t want to overlook our sweet side! What meal would be complete without it?

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Limited Space? Limitless Catering Possibilities!

Recently I was re-watching the classic film An American in Paris. I love that iconic opening scene when the great Gene Kelly wakes up in his tiny Parissien walk-up. His homunculus one-room flat creatively serves as bedroom, kitchen, dining room and washroom! While this is a comic exaggeration of life in Paris for the 1940’s starving artist, it does reflect an emerging housing reality in Vancouver!

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Preparing for and Recovering from Event Disasters

As veterans in the catering industry, we’ve seen it all–and we mean everything. Because of our extensive experience, we’ve learned how to prepare for almost any contingency, twist and turn, and glitch (and they always occur)! However, as careful as we are with making sure we’ve got you covered on our end, we can’t always plan other aspects of your wedding that fall outside of our purview. So, in your best interests, (and, let’s face it, ours too), we thought it would be helpful to talk about how to avoid, and recover from, event disasters.

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All in The Family: The Benefits of Family-Style Dining

The term “Family Style” has crept into our collective culinary lexicon of late. For some, the term may recall chaotic family dinners, stressed out mom’s trying to get everything on the table, the faint smell of something burning—everyone grabbing at the same time, fighting off your siblings, cousins (and that one rotund uncle), for your mom’s famous mashed potatoes and gravy.

We’d like to offer you an alternative to that scenario! Imagine having your friends and family over for dinner and having the peace of mind that everything is taken care of! No slaving over a hot stove, using every dish in the kitchen, and the dreaded aftermath of the cleanup afterward!

Imagine the elegance of a table laden with delectable dishes that are at once familiar and yet prepared with a culinary sophistication that will exceed expectations and impress your dinner guests.

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Savoury City’s Afternoon Tea: A Very British Experience with a Distinctive West Coast Flare

In her novel, The Elegance of a Hedgehog, French Novelist and philosopher, Muriel Barbery muses, “When tea becomes ritual, it takes its place at the heart of our ability to see greatness in small things.” We like that sentiment, as it reflects our catering philosophy. Indeed, we take great pains to ensure that every event we cater is perfect, and that means paying very close attention to the details–those small, seemingly insignificant touches that are actually paramount to achieving culinary greatness.

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