Make Mother’s Day a Memorable Moment! Custom Catering for Mom

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so we thought it would be fitting to write about some great ideas for the matriarch in your family on her big day! Now, we know there is the usual stand by–making Mom breakfast in bed– but we’ll tell you something that she may not divulge (but moms will know what we’re talking about): they don’t necessarily want to be awaked and presented with scrambled eggs and overcooked bacon whilst still in bed. Also, (and again, moms will attest to this) moms are often left with the privilege of cleaning up after their kids have used every dish in the kitchen to create their breakfast project! Hey, we understand the sentiment is in the right place, but perhaps there are better ways to honour our moms on their special day?

A Day of Leisure and Relaxation

This is where custom catering can save the day! If you truly want to give your mom a day of leisure and relaxation, treat her to a catered family breakfast, brunch or dinner! When opting for a catered affair, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that the food will be amazing and memorable! Why? Well, because Savoury City uses only the freshest, organic and locally sourced ingredients and produce!

Only the Best for Mom

Savoury City’s Head Honcho, Donna Wadsworth, and her partner in business and life, Blaine Arnot, have spent years developing relationships with local producers of fine cheeses, meats and produce. They simply won’t serve you anything that they don’t think is of the highest quality! This will be the Mother’s Day the family will be talking about for years to come! And, isn’t that what you want for your mom? This is the woman that gave you life after all!

The Gift of Clean Dishes!

So, yes, the food will be out of this world, which in itself is a great reason to go with custom catering; however, there are other benefits: no cleanup! Your mom will love you for not leaving her kitchen looking like it was hit by a bomb! I mean, is there really a better Mother’s Day gift than a clean kitchen?

From Formal to Fun!

Now, we don’t want you to think that having a custom catered Mother’s Day event means a formal plated affair (although we can certainly do that). Our talented and experienced team can do almost anything you have in mind! Whether you want family-style, buffet, or cocktail-style party, we can make it happen! But, that’s not all we can do!

BBQ for Mom!

How about a backyard BBQ for mom! With proteins like Jumbo All Beef Hot dogs, Turkey Dogs, House Made Beef Burgers, Chicken Breast Burgers, Vegetarian Green Lentil Burgers and “Real Meat” Vegan Burger Patties, everyone in your family will be happy! Add salads like Classic Potato, Creamy Coleslaw, Caesar, House Greens, Classic Spinach, Orzo Pasta, and Southwestern Potato and you’ve got BBQ perfection!

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