Custom Catering Your Easter Dinner A Hopping Good Idea!

Whether you believe in the Easter Bunny or not, that cute rabbit is just around the corner, and that means family and friends will be coming to town to visit! Easter is a fabulous time of the year to bring people together. It’s one of those holidays that has something for everyone–the kids will love hunting for Easter eggs and the adults get a chance to catch up with family and friends. It’s also that time of year that gets us thinking about renewal, regeneration and rebirth.


Great Food Elevates Everything

Indeed, it’s always great to have loved ones together for Easter, but with busy schedules, work and just a hectic life in general, who has the time to prepare a lavish Easter dinner!? Well, that’s where Savoury City can help! We love custom catering holiday events, as we believe that food brings people together, and great food elevates any gathering to new heights!


Relax and Let Us Do the Work

So, instead of worrying about cooking for everyone and slaving away in the kitchen, why not relax and enjoy the company of family and friends without the hassle of being stuck in the kitchen the whole evening. And let’s not even talk about the dirty dishes you’ll be left to contend with after everyone has gone home!


Choose Your Culinary Adventure

The great thing about custom catering your holiday event is you can choose the type of dining style you want. If you want something formal, we can do that! A more formal plated dinner can be an elegant way to celebrate with family and friends. If you’re more into the casual dining, we’ve got you covered, with great buffet options and fabulous canapes and hors d’oeuvres. One of our most popular forms of dining these days is family style, which works so well at any holiday dinner!


Exquisite Dishes

When we custom cater your Easter Dinner, we’ll work with you to ensure that your favorite holiday fare is on the table! Whether it’s that beautiful ham or perfectly cooked turkey, gorgeously prepared Brussel sprouts or sumptuous mashed potatoes, we can do it! However, if the purely traditional holiday dinner is not your thing, we love to push the culinary boundaries and create inspired dishes!


Flavour is Paramount

Whether you’re a culinary traditionalist or more cutting edge, you can rest assured that we only use the freshest, seasonal produce. We’ve got a farm to table mindset and will only ever feed you and your loved ones the very best! Because we believe that food is a way to show love, we only serve and cook with healthy ingredients of the highest quality. Of course, while we subscribe to healthy dining, we hold that flavour is of utmost importance! If our dishes are not full of the kind of flavour that brings joy to your life, we don’t make it!


We’d Love to Help

So, if you’re starting to sweat a little thinking about that fast-approaching Easter dinner you’re hosting, we’d love to step in and help make your life a little easier! This year initiate that much-deserved self-care and sit back and enjoy a fabulous and flavourful holiday dinner without all the stress, anxiety, and dirty dishes! Take some time to truly enjoy your family and loved ones fully! We’d love to chat about your holiday dinner vision!


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