Using Your Noodle Healthy and Flavourful Corporate Lunches!

We know it’s hard to please everyone at the office! Every individual wants something different! You’ve got your meat lovers, your vegetarians, your vegans and everything in between! So we get that when it’s time to plan the menu for your next corporate meeting or seminar, you tend to break into a minor nervous sweat. It’s with this in mind that Savoury City’s Head Honcho, Donna Wadsworth, used her noodle (sorry, we had to use that pun) and came up with the concept of the Noodle Bowl!

Now, we know what you’re gonna say: “noodle bowls are not new.” And while that may be true, Savoury City’s Noodle Bowls are certainly a fresh take on the concept (literally and figuratively)! Indeed, Donna wanted to ensure that the bowls are not only nutritious and healthy, but full of flavour! I mean, what’s the point of catering lunch for your employees and colleagues if it the meal doesn’t take incredibly good!


Fresh Fresh Fresh 

Like everything we create at Savoury City, we insist on only the freshest, seasonal ingredients and produce. Our Noodle Bowls are no exception. If your bowl includes protein, we use only the freshest, organic chicken, steak, and prawns! Farm and ocean-fresh is our priority!


Vegetable Victory

With delectable veggies like black kale, roasted broccoli, crispy shallots, snap peas, daikon radish, and bean sprouts, your vegetarian and vegans of the office will quickly fall in love with these scrumptious noodle bowls!


Vegetarian Winners

One of our most popular vegetarian options is our Miso Mustard Soba Noodle Bowl. Made with crispy fried tofu, radish, snap peas, pea shoots, it’s sure to be an office hit!



For the meat-eaters at the office, one of our most popular bowls is the Coconut Lime Rice Noodle Bowl. Made with marinated and grilled chicken breast, sweet peppers, cucumber, toasted peanuts, this one really knocks it out of the park every time!


Variety is Key

We know that having culinary options is important if you want to keep your office happy, which is why we created 6 gorgeous Noodle Bowls for you to choose from. There truly is something for everyone!


Add Freshly Pressed Juice!

While you’re on a healthy vibe, we recommend ordering our freshly pressed juices, made fresh in house daily! Not only are these juices healthy, but they’re bursting with flavour too! A perfect compliment to a healthy meal that will leave your staff feeling revived and ready to take on the day! Avoiding the sugar and carbs will stave off the mid-afternoon lethargy! Instead, a healthy, low sugar and carb meal, chased with the freshest juice in the city, is the recipe for energy and focus for the rest of the workday!


Contact Us!

If you’re looking for healthy, flavourful corporate lunches that offer something for everyone in your office, please email or give us a call! We’ve got years of experience in the world or custom corporate catering and we’d love to hear from you!

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