The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread Savoury City Takes Pastries to A New Level

I’m not sure why the innovation of sliced bread was such an amazing event in history. One would think there were certainly other inventions that rivalled the slicing of bread. Fire comes to mind. Or Pizza. In any case, what I do understand is that there are truly few things better than freshly baked bread–no matter how you slice it!

Pastry Perfection 

But I digress. I’m super excited because Savoury City’s Blaine Arnot is starting a new baking programme!  While most people are familiar with Savoury City’s Head Honcho, Donna Wadsworth, fewer know about Blaine, Donna’s partner in life and business. That’s largely because Blaine is up at the crack of dawn baking fresh bread on the daily! More comfortable behind the scenes, Blaine has been quietly levelling-up Savoury City’s pastry game. In short, he’s going way beyond freshly baked bread!

If We Don’t Make It, We Don’t Sell It 

Blaine wasn’t satisfied with just good pastries and baked items: he wanted pastry greatness. He explains, “most caterers have wholesale suppliers for their pastries, but we wanted to do it ourselves. So, we bought a reversible sheeter, which is a machine that essentially builds up the layers within a pastry. We also were happy to have our very skilled pastry chef return to work with us. Our goal is to make everything really consistently. My new motto is ‘if we don’t make it ourselves, we don’t sell it.”

Life-Changing Croissants 

For Blaine, the whole idea is to create pastries that are of the highest quality. “It’s not about eating a large quantity of mediocre pastries,” Blaine muses. “It’s about the experience.” Indeed, one doesn’t eat a bowl full of Beluga Caviar or munch on truffles by the bunch! The joy is in the delicate flavours, the artistry, and the presentation. For Blaine, it’s not about getting stuffed on baked goods, but rather about that indelible impression one gets when they bite into a life-changing croissant or Danish! We’ve all been there!

You Can’t Rush Excellence 

Blaine contends that when it comes to their new line of pastries it’s all about proper technique. “To create excellent pastries it’s all about slowing it down and doing it the proper way. And, of course it’s imperative that you use the very best ingredients, such as imported butter.” You simply can’t rush mind blowing pastries!

Instagram Worthy 

While Blaine is a pastry aficionado, he’s also an amazing photographer (the man is a true polymath). Take my word for it, if you’re into world-class pastries, you’ll want to check out Savoury City’s Instagram feed, as Blaine has been featuring his new baked works of art on their site! Savoury City’s new lineup of pastries are so good that you can actually SEE it! The gorgeousness of their light and flakey croissants and pain-au-chocolat are “like-inducing” to say the least! Just be warned, don’t scroll on Savoury City’s page on an empty stomach!

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